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Home Scientists Dr. rer. nat. Wolf-Hagen Schunck

Dr. rer. nat. Wolf-Hagen Schunck


  • 1969-1973     Study of Biochemistry, Martin-Luther University, Halle, East-Germany
  • 1973    Diploma thesis, Institute of Physiological Chemistry, Halle, East-Germany
  • 1983    D. thesis, Academy of Sciences, Berlin, East-Germany

Professional Career:

  • 1974-1991    Scientific co-worker, Central Institute for Molecular Biology, Academy of Sciences, Berlin, East-Germany
  • 1992-present    Head of the Research Group Cytochrome P450 at the Max Delbrueck Centre for Molecular Medicine (MDC), Berlin, Germany
  • 1992-1999    Studies on structure-function relationships of yeast alkane and fatty acid hydroxylating cytochromes P450 and regulation of endoplasmic reticulum biogenesis (BMBF junior group and SFB 312)
  • 1999-present    Integration into the Cardiovascular Research Program of the MDC and studies on the role of cytochrome P450-dependent arachidonic acid metabolism in the regulation of renal and vascular function.

Publications (5 selected original articles)

  1. Monti J, Fischer J, Paskas S, Heinig M, Schulz H, Gösele C, Heuser A, Fischer R, Schmidt C, Schirdewan A, Gross V, Hummel O, Maatz H, Patone G, Saar K, Vingron M, Weldon SM, Lindpaintner K, Hammock BD, Rohde K, Dietz R, Cook SA, Schunck WH, Luft FC, Hubner N: Soluble epoxide hydrolase is a susceptibility factor for heart failure in a rat model of human disease. Nat Genet. 40:529-37, 2008
  2. Muller DN, Schmidt C, Barbosa-Sicard E, Wellner M, Gross V, Hercule H, Markovic M, Honeck H, Luft FC, Schunck WH: Mouse Cyp4a isoforms: enzymatic properties, gender- and strain-specific expression, and role in renal 20-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid formation. Biochem J. 403:109-18, 2007
  3. Theuer J, Shagdarsuren E, Muller DN, Kaergel E, Honeck H, Park JK, Fiebeler A, Dechend R, Haller H, Luft FC, Schunck WH: Inducible NOS inhibition, eicosapentaenoic acid supplementation, and angiotensin II-induced renal damage. Kidney Int. 67:248-58, 2005
  4. Muller DN, Theuer J, Shagdarsuren E, Kaergel E, Honeck H, Park JK, Markovic M, Barbosa-Sicard E, Dechend R, Wellner M, Kirsch T, Fiebeler A, Rothe M, Haller H, Luft FC, Schunck WH: A peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha activator induces renal CYP2C23 activity and protects from angiotensin II-induced renal injury. Am J Pathol. 164:521-32, 2004
  5. Lauterbach B, Barbosa-Sicard E, Wang MH, Honeck H, Kärgel E, Theuer J, Schwartzman ML, Haller H, Luft FC, Gollasch M, Schunck WH. Cytochrome P450-dependent eicosapentaenoic acid metabolites are novel BK channel activators. Hypertension 39:609-13, 2002