FOR 1368

Hemodynamic Mechanisms of Acute Kidney Injury

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Dragun Schunck Group

The combination of Dragun and Schunck brings together long-standing successful collaboration, combining unique mechanistic translational concepts in the area of critical care and transplant nephrology with in depth knowledge on lipid mediators, especially arachidonic acid metabolites. Dragun studies the vascular mechanisms and intracellular signalling involved in the pathogenesis of AKI in native and transplanted kidneys in experimental and clinical settings. Findings on agonistic autoantibody-mediated activation of angiotensin II-type 1 receptor induce pro-inflammatory downstream cascades in the vasculature and severe injury of the renal allograft are prominent 24, which is already translated in clinical routine worldwide. Dragun and Schunck together recently demonstrated that cytochrome P450 (CYP) dependent 20-HETE generation and action is involved in the development of renal I/RI 17. Schunk developed several transgenic animals with funstinal alterations of vasoactive eicosanoids, and provides an eicosanoid metabolome platform for the Research Unit.

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