FOR 1368

Hemodynamic Mechanisms of Acute Kidney Injury

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Fähling Rosenberger Group

Fähling (Junior Professor) and Rosenberger combine expertise in molecular biology and nephrology. Both applicants have profound expertise in the area of HIF research. Fähling provides vast knowledge of the mechanisms involved in the control of gene expression in hypoxia. He has a special focus on post-transcriptional regulation by RNA-binding proteins and microRNAs, HIF function and regulation, as well as adaptation of energy metabolism in hypoxia. Rosenberger is in the field of tissue hypoxia and HIF for over a decade and provided first evidence for insufficient HIF activation in AKI. Rosenberger is dedicated to HIF activation in renal disease, especially in AKI, a topic which he periodically covered by in depth reviews. Being mentored by Bachmann (Berlin), Kaissling (Zurich), and Rosen (Boston, MA), Rosenberger has acquired profound expertise in renal morphology and pathology.

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