FOR 1368

Hemodynamic Mechanisms of Acute Kidney Injury

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Schmidt-Ott Schmidt-Ullrich Müller Group

Schmidt-Ott is an Emmy Noether Fellow at the Max-Delbrück Center, Junior Professor at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and a clinical nephrologist at the Department of Nephrology, Campus Mitte Charité. He will receive a 5-year W2(S) professorship for urogenital research from Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin and MDC (anticipated starting date 10/2013). His research is focused on molecular mechanisms of kidney development, injury and regeneration, as well as on clinical implementation of novel biomarkers of AKI. Müller specialises in molecular pathways of immunity and organ damage. Together with Schmidt-Ullrich, a long term expert in NF-κB signalling, they provided a new view on the role of NF-κBs in renal failure: Inhibition of NF-κB markedly blunts renal inflammation and alleviates renal damage as caused by hypertension. Ruth Schmidt-Ullrich provides the team with reporter and knock-out mice, which have been generated by her or under her supervision.

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